Award-winning investment management

Huckleberry Capital Management is an alternative investment manager serving individuals, advisors, and small institutions.

Why choose Huckleberry?

The Huckleberry portfolios

Tripling the market

Huckleberry Go-Anywhere, our flagship investment strategy, has more than quadrupled the market annually since 2014 while taking less risk. Check out the latest Investor Presentation.

Returns are annualized since inception and gross of fees. Fees are typically 1% annually. See our disclosures.


Utter transparency

Huckleberry clients get a real-time view of their investments. You can login anytime to see every position you own and how your portfolio is performing.

Why private accounts?

Winning strategies, tax efficiency, easy liquidity, and unrivaled transparency -- all for less than the average mutual fund charges. Yep, Huckleberry private accounts are pretty stellar. See how we stack up.


We charge 1% of assets. That's it. Simple.

Security & privacy

Our broker is rated among the most secure in the world, and we insure every client account up to $30 million. We're obsessive that way.

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