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Meet the Huckleberry Capital Management team.

Sean Sun

Managing Principal

Sean Sun's relationship with investing is best captured by the oft-repeated Warren Buffett quote: "I am a better investor because I am a businessman, and a better businessman because I am an investor."

With an undergraduate background in Economics and Political Science, Sean started his investing career as an investment banker in Beijing, China, working on commercial real estate deals with multi-national investment banks.

In 2009, Sean joined the The Motley Fool, where he served as an investment analyst on the company's high-growth stock team. Working directly with Fool co-founder and co-chairman David Gardner, Sean honed his instincts for identifying great businesses and even better stocks.

Inspired by the disruptive companies he studied, Sean left the Fool to found his own startup: Saylo, a hyper-local chat app that won startup pitch competitions, was featured in DC tech publications, and attracted VC funding.

Eventually, Sean was recruited to join CustomInk, a pioneer in e-commerce and custom retail, where he spearheaded the development and launch of that company's own entrepreneurial concept -- a unique crowdfunding platform called Booster -- and helped it reach a run-rate of $20 million.

At Huckleberry, Sean applies a perspective informed by the balance of both his operational and investing experience. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two children.

Tom Jacobs, J.D.

Partner & Investment Advisor

Tom Jacobs began learning about money through his weekly allowance. In quarters. And through his savings account passbook, interest hand stamped.

He bought his first shares of stock as a 12-year old learning from his Dad. Apparently not too well or quickly, because his second investment was in his best friend's father's new tech company, which turned out to be a fraud. That and his parents' experience of the Great Depression turned him to a life of teaching, writing, and learning to understand money and risk. Tom's 15 years of weekly columns offer a unique slant on most money concepts, demystifying them with humor and examples from everyday life. Complacency—what's popular—is not what he's about. (He wasn't popular in high school either.)

After careers as a teacher and lawyer, he became a Senior Analyst at the Motley Fool. Next he formed and managed his own investment research company with Jeff Fischer from 2003 to 2010, and then returned to The Motley Fool as an advisor and portfolio manager from 2010 to 2015. His book, What's Behind the Numbers? How to Expose Financial Chicanery and Avoid Huge Losses in Your Portfolio came out in 2012, and his latest just out, Rule of 72: How to Compound Your Money and Uncover Hidden Stock Profits, is for the Main Street investor. Prior to joining Huckleberry, Tom was an Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager with Dallas's Echelon Investment Management.

Tom received his law degree from the University of Chicago and his M.A.T. and B.A. from Cornell University, but don't hold those against him. He lives with his husband, whom you can hold against him, in Marfa, a groovy art town of 2,000 in Texas's Big Bend.

Tom is also a frequent featured speaker for investor groups around the US, including recent engagements in Boston, Orlando, Houston, Los Angeles, and many other cities across the country.

Ken Bauso, CFA

Investment Advisor

Ken is a former Senior Managing Director of Bear Stearns & Co. He joined Bear Stearns in 1995 after graduating from Rutgers University School of Business and worked there until 2008.

In 2002, Ken moved to London to head the European merger arbitrage and event driven sales and trading desk at Bear Stearns, a position he held until mid-2008.

Ken was awarded the right to use the CFA designation in 2003.

From 2010 to 2016 Ken was co-portfolio manager at Elementum Management LLC, a value oriented hedge fund employing value oriented discretionary and systematic equity investment strategies.

Ken produces a high finance and investment related podcast which can be found at www.YouTube.com/c/KenBausoCFA and most other places podcasts are found.

After decades living in New York City and London, England, Ken now enjoys living simply in Marfa, TX.