Answers to all your Huckleberry questions.

  • What investment strategies are available?

    Huckleberry offers a variety of core investment strategies including Huckleberry Go-Anywhere, Huckleberry Origins, Huckleberry Harvest, and Huckleberry Impact. Learn more about the Huckleberry portfolios.

  • How can I check how my investments are doing?

    Clients can view their positions anytime by checking their Interactive Brokers account. Not sure of your login credentials? Just shoot us an email – we'll help you out.

    You also receive an account statement in the mail each quarter.

  • Are you a fiduciary?

    Yes – a proud one! As a fiduciary, we have a legal -- and ethical – obligation to always serve client interests above our own.

  • Is Huckleberry a Registered Investment Advisor?

    Yes! You can find a link to our latest Form ADV in the footer of our website (just scroll down!).

  • What fees do you charge?

    For our core investment portfolios, we charge a flat 1.0%-1.5% of assets annually. This fee is deducted from your account each month. Fees for private investments vary with the opportunity and always disclosed clearly and up-front.

  • Do you personally invest in Huckleberry strategies?

    Absolutely. Eating our own cooking is one of the Huckleberry Core Values. Huckleberry portfolio managers invest personal money right alongside clients, and Huckleberry invests its own capital, too.

  • What is Interactive Brokers?

    Interactive Brokers is Huckleberry's broker. We love them for three reasons:

    1. Best execution
      Interactive Brokers has really good execution, which helps us buy our stocks just a bit cheaper and sell them a bit higher than with a typical broker -- in over 100 markets across 24 countries.
    2. Low cost
      The commissions we pay Interactive Brokers are approximately 90% cheaper than any other retail broker.
    3. Technology-focused
      Interactive Brokers can offer industry-best execution at bargain prices because the company has been laser-focused on developing new trading technology for the past 38 years.

    Learn more on Interactive Broker's website.

  • Where can I find tax forms?

    We'll alert you when your annual tax documents are ready each year. You can also access these forms, including historical forms, by logging into interactivebrokers.com and navigating to Reports > Tax > Tax Forms.

  • Do you earn commissions?

    Never. We do not accept any commissions for selling you financial products, such as high-load mutual funds, unnecessary insurance policies, annuities (don't get us started), or other works of the devil.

  • Do I have insurance on my account?

    Yes. Each client account is protected up to $30 million under insurance policies with the SIPC and Lloyds of London. Learn more about security & privacy.

  • How can I get in touch?